Mastering Salesforce CRM and Platform Foundations

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If you are unsatisfied with our training for any reason, we will refund 100% of your fee, no question asked.

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What does program include?

4 Live Master Classes

Join live, interactive Zoom classes with Faisal. In this classes you will learn every key topic from basic to advanced level as course demands.
  • Highly Engaging sessions
  • Individual attention and clarifications
  • Quizzes and Competitions
  • Hands-on exercises
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Four 1:1 Private Classes

Want to fast track your learning and remain engaged? Get 1:1 tutoring classes with certified Salesforce professional. Compliment your study with 1:1 classes.
  • Schedule 1:1 class with instructor at your convenient time
  • Instructors Calendars free/busy available 
  • Video Conferencing using Google meet 

Self-Paced Training

A well-designed, coherent, step by step video based training to explain every concept clearly and showing how to practically implement requirements.
  • Conceptual Videos to explain you 'What and Why'
  • Practical videos to show you 'How'
  • Accessed thru mobile also, so you can watch while travelling
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Exam Preparation

Through exam preparation to get you ready for the final day. Course has constant updated Question Bank for 1000s for questions to practice without any limit.
  • Regularly updated Question Bank
  • Every question gives you feedback on right and wrong choices
  • Accessed thru mobile also, so you can practice while travelling

24x7 Active Community

AceAim has 100s of active and cooperative learners who are willing to help you while stuck in small things. Our trainers also remain active on the community to help our students.
  • Be part of a cooperative and motivating community
  • Get answers quickly
  • Build you study groups
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$446 (Standard Price)/$179 (Offer Price)

What does our learners say about us?

sheeba - canada

From Public Health to Salesforce Consultant

I started my Salesforce journey in July 2022. AceAim helped me solidify my concepts. After building my skillset through training, I am now a Salesforce Consultant. Without any hesitation, I can say AceAim is the best Salesforce training institute.
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Ali Sohail - USA

From Business Graduate to Salesforce Admin

I transitioned from business to Salesforce with AceAim, enhancing operations, relationships, and success in 3 months at an international company. My journey highlights adaptability and continuous learning in evolving Salesforce field.
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Raheela - karachi

From Season Banker to Salesforce Consultant

I began my journey with AceAim in October 2022. After six months, I landed a job at Gettectonic as a functional consultant in April 2023. Under the mentorship of Mr. Muhammad Faisal, I discovered my exhilarating voyage.
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saima - karachi

A Salesforce Journey to Cherish

After a five-year gap, joining AceAim transformed my career. Guided by experts, I honed my skills in the Salesforce ecosystem, igniting my passion and propelling me into the world of Salesforce project management and technical recruitment.
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Marium - australia

From Uni to Salesforce Platform Manager

I am proud of the fact that I was Mr. Faisal's first Salesforce student in 2016. He taught and mentored me. Now, after 7 years of my Salesforce journey, I am a Salesforce Platform Manager at Yamaha, Australia. Thank you, Faisal@AceAim!
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RAJA Mohamed - INDIA (Working in dubai)

From Coordinator towards Salesforce Admin

I always wanted to upgrade myself on future focused and growing technology of Salesforce platform. I joined AceAim and learned Salesforce Administration. I really want to say "Thanks to AceAim for great training and mentorship".
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Faisal, the Lead Trainer at AceAim

Faisal is a Salesforce Certified Developer, Architect and Trainer. He is the Ex-Chief Information and Innovation Officer of Media.Monk, a Platinum Salesforce Practice in Australia, where he led a team of 60+ Salesforce professionals and oversaw 100+ Salesforce projects.

After 27 years of experience in the software industry, in 2020 Faisal decided to become a full-time trainer and mentor of Salesforce to grow the career of IT professionals. He started AceAim with a mission to build solid Salesforce Developers and Architects. Since then has taught and mentored 100s of professionals.

He is a Certified Salesforce Trainer also and teaches at Trailhead Academy.

Faisal lives in Sydney with his beloved family and loves to explore the natural beauty of Australia.

Would you like to connect with Faisal? He is one click away on LinkedIn.

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$446 (Standard Price)/$179 (Offer Price)

Common challenges students face when they learn without a well-trained instructor


Lack of feedback


Reinforcing bad concepts

Not ready for job

Earn two well-respected and recognised Certificates

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Industry respected AceAim Certificate of Achievement

You will have AceAim's industry respected certificate of achievement that shows your command on the subject.
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Internationally recognised Salesforce Associate Certified

You will be ready to sit in Salesforce Associate exam with confidence.

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$446 (Standard Price)/$179 (Offer Price)

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